Leicestershire police officers use of stop & search

  • Monday 18th June 2012 | 
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  • The use of stop and search is a valuable policing tool in the prevention and detection of crime. However, it remains a difficult area for policing. The recent figures released for Leicestershire Constabulary indicate that Black and Asian communities are more likely to be stopped and searched.

    Nothing has been more damaging to the relationship between the Police and ethnic minority communities than the application of stop and search powers. Checks by our Police must ensure that there are lawful grounds for carrying out these methods. We expect our Police Officers to treat people who are stopped and searched fairly and with dignity if we are to improve community trust and confidence in the Police.

    I support the efforts already made to improve effectiveness and internal processes and oversight, the significant reduction in the use of the power, the investment in DMU research and the creation and involvement of the Stop Search Reference Group (SSRG).

    Suleman Nagdi

    Member: – Policy Advisory Group on Race & Equality Issues (PAGRE)

    Article published on Citizens’ Eye community news


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