New Prevent Strategy 2011

  • Wednesday 30th November 2011 | 
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  • Suleman Nagdi said ‘It is quite apparent that there is a need to combat violent extremism in all its forms with a strategy like Prevent being at the head of such a campaign. However, concern that have not been addressed by the new strategy’.

    ‘Violent extremism is an unfortunate phenomenon that is a feature of various groups in society and not just limited to one community, therefore any counter-terrorism measures needs to take this into consideration. In failing to acknowledge the presence of violent extremism in other communities and presenting it as an Islamic phenomenon, the government has wantonly ignored the threat posed to the security of the UK from other groups. This is particularly pertinent as we have seen people from the far right charged and convicted for acts of terrorism. By singling out one group so starkly, the government has risked alienating further, people who feel that they are on the margins of society, subjected to being constantly cast as the “other” in everyday life. In a liberal democracy such a state of affairs is most saddening particularly when such people have contributed so richly to make the UK such a wonderful place to live’.

    ‘What this new strategy fails to do is define fundamental terms particularly as to what constitutes as extremism or extremist behaviour. In failing to do jan 11, 2014 – online residency directory: the government has opened itself to potential accusations of inconsistency with regards to what can be considered extremist given that this has not been covered clearly in terms of scope to take into account the behaviour of people from all communities in society. For example, the proposal to tighten up on websites that openly incite acts of terrorism is welcomed but at the same time must be balanced with freedom of speech so as not to confuse and misconstrue passionate but peaceful views as extremist.’

    Suleman Nagdi. MBE. DL.


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