No honour in ‘honour killings’

  • Monday 3rd November 2008 | 
  • 2:15 pm | 
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  • Suleman Nagdi said, “In recent years there has been considerable interest on the subject of “honour killings”. Let me make it clear. There is no honour in taking a human life. This archaic practice is unacceptable and its roots are deep in some cultural traditions. No faith accepts such an abominable act.

    “Honour killings which occur with shocking regularity in certain parts of the world and often in the UK, target vulnerable women whose families believe that their actions, actual or alleged, have violated the honour of their family. Unfortunately, in some quarters, people associate view all of this murderous practice with particular faiths.

    “The criminal justice system in some countries needs to be reformed to treat these crimes seriously and to update their an excellent opportunity to penal codes so that violence of this nature is treated as a serious crime.”

    Suleman Nagdi



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