‘No place for party politics’ in running the police

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  • How influential do you believe you could be?
    My more than 15 years of experience in scrutinising the work of the police has given me an understanding of the issues they and the community face – and the enormous challenges that lie ahead.

    I would aim to bring together all of the contacts I have developed over the years in the community, the police, local authorities and the criminal justice system to work to promote safer policing for all.


    Why are you running as an independent?
    Because of my concern that party politics will be brought into a role which cannot be politicised.


    It is obvious parties are putting forward candidates so that they can politicise the police – otherwise what benefit do they gain?
    Crime in Leicestershire is falling despite a drop in officer numbers – what are your thoughts?

    Any crime reduction reflects the hard work of our force and our good fortune in having an outstanding chief constable.

    However, we must continue to promote efforts which further reduce crime, especially in areas where it is a harsh reality. Any further cuts made must be in relation to the policing needs of our citizens.


    Do you have a plan to raise public participation in the election?
    We have the privilege of living in one of the greatest liberal democracies in the world but, regrettably, we have a high level of voter apathy.

    On my website, as well as in other materials, I have promoted the message that there is an important election and people should use their votes.


    How do you intend to keep the public informed about decisions?
    We are blessed to have a fantastic administrative team that manages the affairs of the existing police authority.

    I intend to utilise our existing communications network and looking at ways to improve, such as in the efficient use of social media.

    Have you spoken to police officers to get a flavour of how they feel?
    I liaise frequently with police officers, which gives me a real understanding of the challenges the force faces.

    Police officers are affected by change as they are also part of the community and not separate from the citizens that they police. I have come to understand confidence-building is a significant factor in creating a happy, effective police force.


    You live in the city. Do you believe you have a grasp of the issues facing rural areas?
    My work takes me to a range of places, from bustling urban areas to rural areas, thus giving me an insight into the issues affecting a range of our citizens.


    What was your reaction when you first saw the new police uniform?
    The feedback I have received from police officers so far is that the T-shirts are fine.


    What do you think about the change of name from Leicestershire Constabulary to Leicestershire Police?
    The change is welcome as it falls into line with the international standard where the word police is used instead of constabulary.

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    Article published in Leicester Mercury
    ‘Suleman bids for police job’
    Monday 2nd July 2012

    Article: No place for party politics in running the police

    Article from Leicester Mercury on 2nd July 2012 “No place for party politics in running the police”


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