Community Policing Work

I am a community advisor on The East Midlands Community Contact Unit (EMCCU) throughout the five Police counties in the East Midlands region, cure creating a resource base of good practice and links with individuals who have the skills and expertise necessary to effectively challenge the views of people who are influenced by and engaged in extremist ideologies or activities.  The Unit assists the Channel project and gives the Multi Agency Intervention panel within that cheapest prices pharmacy. buy zoloft india . fastest shipping, best price for zoloft. area a further resource to assist with any interventions.

I also serve on other boards which include:-

The Independent Advisory Group (IAG).  IAGs have a pivotal role to play in providing senior police officers with the opportunity to have open dialogue with members of communities, receiving individual, independent advice from members.

PAGRE is a forum where independent advisors can give independent advice on the development and review of policy, procedure and practices identified by the Police and Police Authority in order to provide a safeguard against the Police disadvantaging any section of buy baclofen online, can baclofen 10mg get you high, 10mg baclofen tablet. oplosbaarheid bowel problems baclofen in south africa anticholinergic 3h. the community through lack of understanding, ignorance or mistaken beliefs, as set out by the Macpherson Report following the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

I have also hosted a team of Polish police officers recently valtrex valacyclovir is an effective treatment for herpes. buy valtrex from to share good practice with regards to community policing.