Proposal to increase detention period rejected

  • Tuesday 14th October 2008 | 
  • 9:34 am | 
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  • “The proposals to increase detention from 28 to 42 days was overwhelmingly discarded by a cross party coalition by 309 votes to 118, a majority of nearly 200. Isn’t it ironic that an unelected institution has demonstrated that it is in tune with public opinion when some in our elected House of Commons have tried to force through a measure which has been opposed by human rights groups, faith communities, legal experts and individuals who wish to continue to uphold our long standing history of democracy.”

    Mr Nagdi added, “If the proposal was passed, the UK would have been the only country with such an archaic measure because our partners in the Commonwealth, Europe and beyond have not implemented such a draconian law. Instead of locking people up for 42 days without robust evidence and intelligence without appropriate checks and balances, we risk alienating large sections of the law-abiding population. I am particularly disappointed that a few novices, national ‘representative’ bodies chose to support the ill-conceived idea. I trust that they will now take the honourable step and admit their mistakes publicly and instead focus their efforts on building up a cohesive country which cherishes our freedoms.”


    Suleman Nagdi. MBE. DL.

    Press release referenced in published article in Leicester Mercury titled ‘Shelving of terror Bill welcomed’ on Wednesday 15th October 2008


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