Review of the anti-terror legislation

  • Saturday 27th March 2010 | 
  • 9:46 am | 
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  • Following the recent call by MP’s and Peers for a review into all anti terror legislation passed since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Suleman Nagdi MBE DL said “We are encouraged by the recommendation. We have called for this for quite some time. Schedule 7 at ports of entry in particular has been hugely controversial because it has at times led to indiscriminate use of powers by security staff against certain sections of the population. The stops at ports of entry do not require grounds of suspicion and are protected from public scrutiny. We know that the counter terror stop and searches, Section 44 have been ruled unlawful by the European Courts and we believe that Schedule 7 should be seen in the same light. We have no issue with measures which are applied consistently and evenly to every passenger but individual officers’ use of discretion is deeply concerning”.

    Mr Nagdi added “The United Kingdom is seen as a standard bearer throughout the world and the Commonwealth in particular. We have a proud history of liberal democracy and the protection of rights and freedoms. Schedule 7 breaks, that contract and takes us closer to the ‘Big Brother State’ which we all must rally against. I hope other countries take stock. Locally, we are grateful to Leicestershire Constabulary who have been very helpful in arranging meetings between the communities and Government agencies; this has allowed us to air our concerns and begin constructive dialogue. I hope appropriate changes are made in due course.”

    Suleman Nagdi. MBE. DL.


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