Suleman Nagdi to stand for Leicestershire PPC

  • Friday 27th July 2012 | 
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  • A Muslim community leader in Leicester is to stand for elected Police and Crime Commissioner (PPC) as an independent candidate.

    Suleman Nagdi hopes to become Leicester’s first PCC that replaced Police Authorities (PA), check which set police budgets, appointed senior officers and scrutinised force performance.

    The Home Office believes commissioners will be more accountable to the public because they are elected, whereas PA members include appointed councillors, magistrates and independents.

    Nagdi, who is active in a number of community groups, including Leicestershire Federation of Muslim Organisations, said he would “put the feelings of victims of crime and law-abiding citizens first” if he was elected on November 15.

    He told The Muslim News Nagdi party-politics should be kept out of the police forces.

    “To create a strong Police force, that ensures safer and integrated communities and at the same time remaining accountable to the people, the position of Police and Crime Commissioner must be free from party politics. That is why I am standing as an Independent candidate,” said Nagdi.

    “My experiences in business and in the community will stand me in good stead for this vital role,” he added.

    Labour and Conservative candidates – city councillor Sarah Russell and retired Air Chief Marshall Sir Clive Loader – have also both stressed they would not make decisions based on party affiliations.

    A single Commissioner will be elected for each force area for a four year term.


    Article published in The Muslim News
    ‘Nagdi to contest PCC Election’
    Friday 27th July 2012

    Article: Nagdi to Contest PCC Election

    Article in the Muslim News: Nagdi to contest PCC election



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